why is it better to lay ceramic tile under the kitchen cabinets when renovating?
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why is it better to lay ceramic tile under the kitchen cabinets when renovating?

I am renovating my kitchen (cabinets, countertop, flooring, backsplash, etc). Why not just put the cabinets in first and bring the tile up to their edges?

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    1. memm says:

      Tiles should be laid down on the whole floor. You need a level surface to put your cabinets,appliances,etc on. If you have a pantry you want to make sure and lay them in the pantry as well. Also if you have a half bath off of the kitchen you might want to considering tile that as well so your floors are all level.
      It looks like heck for one thing to have tiles butted up to your cabinets, and the toe plate will be off!

    2. tnroadwarrior says:

      You can do it that way but realize that this will decrease the height of the toe kick. Furthermore that is one more place that you will have to cut the tile to fit. It is much easier to lay the tile so that a whole piece fits just under the front edge of the cabinet and then lay a row of "drop off" tiles against the back wall. This gives you a level surface to install the kitchen cabinets and also saves tile. Don’t forget to lay tiles all the way under a slide in stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. otherwise they will be difficult to move in and out.

    3. ever1wolf says:

      So many years in the trades I am ready to retire,,, IF you install floor level cabinets you need NOT do tile under, first, though depending on the floor surface you may want to treat or seal it. Why do tile that will never be seen, and not serve any purpose other than to raise the cabinet approx 3/8 of an inch.

      If you have any clue how to install tile, then you know how to begin. If it happens that you end with a full piece 8 inches from the face of the cabinet frame, then cut the piece you need and grout to the cabinet.

      The addition in cost is frivolous for one thing, and the cabinets may pose additional problems in being raised? LOOK AT ANY NEW construction,,,you will never see Tile installed first.

      I’ll add however, that you probably should tile under a stove and refrig, as those items will perhaps not outlive the cabinets.

      Rev. Steven

    4. nicket says:

      I agree with ever1wolf/ Rev. Steven. I am a flooring contractor and I specialize in custom tile and hardwood. There is absolutely no reason I can possibly think of that you would need to tile under cabinets, unless you enjoy frequently changing your cabinets and their layout. Seeing as this is highly unlikely, I would skip the extra expenses incurred by tiling underneath the cabinets and just tile up to them. I would however seal the floor with Kilz.

    5. Ler says:

      It’s easier. Also too you don’t have that "cut edge" look against the cabinets.

    6. RUupTOit says:

      Liquid spills will drop over the edge of the tiles and your subflooring will begin to slowly rot away under your cabinets

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