Where to find old vintage kitchen cupboards/cabinets?
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Where to find old vintage kitchen cupboards/cabinets?

I’m remodeling my kitchen and am trying to find a set of old kitchen cabinets. Has anyone even done this and do you know where I might find something like this?

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    1. Duchamp says:

      One person’s trash is another’s treasure! If one is patient, by going to auctions, you can maybe find what you need! As anyone knows though, we are impatient about having the correct materials at hand! Recycle places, E-bay or older friends might help!

    2. Jimmy Cabinet says:

      First of all….putting in some one else’s old junk is not remodeling. Second of all the junk you find or pick off the street for pickup will not fit your kitchen. Just as you would not walk into Macys and grab any ol shirt and expect it to fit, you will not find any ol cabinet set to fit your room. Ain’t gona happen. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear but better to save you the trouble now before you give some one money for their old garbage.

      Just to add: Why does everyone fear new cabinets? The mere word "cabinet" causes shakes while dollar signs light up in peoples eyes. Why? Probably because they seen the cabinets in Home Depot or Lowes and what they rape…..oops sorry I mean charge people. The big box stors charge full list price for cabinets. You would not py full list price – sticker price – MSRP for your new car so why pay it for cabinets? Instead go to your local cabinet showroom. Most all discount from list price, if they dont then go to the next one.

      If you can settle for a standard builder grade cabinet and dont get greedy wanting all the bells and whistles then brand new kitchens are very affordable for any budget.

    3. Jennifer E says:

      If you’re having a hard time finding vintage cupboards, you can always buy some stock wood cabinets and antique them yourself:
      You can add your own personal touches and it’s an easy DIY project, good luck!

    4. meanolmaw says:

      how old?… there’s metal cabinets and Hoosier cabinets…. go to an architectural supply house…. maybe a Habitat store…. try Craigslist….call an interior designer… they have contacts that can get them anything…..

    5. Gill says:

      Why would you want an old horrid kitchen? If you really do try your local tip!
      Sales are on at mo go and treat yourself to a new one!

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