where can I buy glass inserts for my kitchen cabinets on a budget?
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where can I buy glass inserts for my kitchen cabinets on a budget?

I need 3 pieces of either a seeded or reeded glass-I’m near Pittsburgh PA – does anyone know of any glass retailers who cut art glass to size in my area? I am redoing my kitchen on a tight budget and would like to replace the center panels of my cabinets with glass to update them.

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    1. Curley says:

      Cutting glass is very easy. You could do this yourself, then spray spray starch on the back of the glass once it’s installed. It’s a nice look and really special if you lay some paper doilies over it before spraying. Measure the area really carefully, cut the glass and hold it in place with metal clips you can buy near the glass cutters or use putty of strips of thin wood.

    2. pebblespro says:

      MMM…. Have you tried any "salvage" type places? Or be even more creative I like the look of stained glass and have made a couple small pieces it’s A LOT of work but, looks pretty. Maybe do the PLASTIC type inserts.. It’s pretty and durable and colorful..! Also, what SIZE inserts are you looking for? I would maybe try contacting the art dept at the local college and see if they could suggest someone, somewhere.. I have friends that are artists and they always know someone, somewhere that does what I need…!

      good luck

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