what can i use to cover inside of kitchen cabinets?
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what can i use to cover inside of kitchen cabinets?

i just moved in a new apartment and the kitchen cabinets are horrible. there is old wall paper on them i believe, but its dirty and uncleanable, should i rip it up and put new wallpaper down?? whats the cheapest way to fix this?

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  1. Ahoimatey says:

    Contact paper is a great solution. It’s cheap, easy to use, and easy to find to, usually any craft or even hardware store will have it. One side is sticky so you will be able to completely cover the mess in your cabinets. But it’s so sticky that you want to try to put it down just where you want it- it’s hard to get up and it loses a bit of stickiness when removed. Just try to clean the cabinets up a bit before applying it so that it adheres well, and so nothing like mold starts growing under them if you have a bad mess!

  2. ulmets says:

    Personally, I’d say rub that paper stuff down with 1:1 diluted liquid fabric softener, wait 10 minutes, and scrape away… however, first make sure that there’s actual wood or metal under there, not particle board or MDF. Spray any remaining glue (since it might not all be the usual wallpaper glue) with goof-off or some other glue solvent. Then clean up and paint.

    However, as you’re in an apartment and this is probably not something you really want to invest time and effort in making "like new", I suggest lightly sanding the wallpaper stuff, wiping clean, and sticking contact paper to it. There’s already a grid drawn on the back of the paper so it’s pretty easy to count out the inches and cut straight. You can buy it in rolls for $1 per 0.5 to 4 linear ft by 18" wide, depending on what color/finish you want. In comes in a lot of looks, from stainless steel to blue toile to fluorescent yellow. The paper will give you a totally clean surface and it’s pretty cheap, so you can literally coat the entire inside of the cabinets, if you want to. Best of all, it won’t shift around and it’s pretty durable.

  3. rjsmith717 says:

    Something that I have found works well inside kitchen cabinets is contact paper. If you go to a home improvement center you can find a lot of different styles and it’s pretty cheap. It goes on like a big sticker. But I would try to get the old stuff as clean as possible so that you get a more uniform adhesion! Or I suppose you could always paint it. Good luck!!!

  4. Your Holiness says:

    try Rug-Hold. It’s the stuff that keeps area rugs from sliding around…looks like rubberized fishing net. Not very expensive…cuts with scissors.

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