Kitchen Cabinet Door Rails & Stiles
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Kitchen Cabinet Door Rails & Stiles

Routing rails & stiles at the router table using homemade jigs & fixtures. A purchased coping sled can cost . I made mine for less than . Did stiles in 2 passes. Router speed at 4 1/2 on my Hitachi M12VC cut down on burning & chipout. (1 Slowest – 6 Fastest).

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  1. TomH127 says:

    Router bits are matched Rail & Stile. Router is 24000 rpm (400 rps) Max. I have a variable speed and 300 rps is ideal for above app. Too high rps will burn. Built 17cabinet doors for my kitchen remodel.

  2. Milby20289394bc says:

    dam your router turns fast, how many rps is that? and whats the name of the bit your using i cant hear it

  3. TheSlacker64 says:

    Awesome tip!! Using ply shims instead of readjusting the fence!!!


  4. matthewaqui says:

    The Plywood Jig passes are the best!!! More concise than adjusting that fence on the passes!!! It never occur to me until this video that the fence should be properly adjusted and anchor in place for the durations of your cuts. I say for my router table is a Ryobi that is not so elegant in fence adjustment. Routing is new to me. Good day!!! Matthew

  5. 2soccerfreak2 says:

    i couldnt watch the full video but i work at a woodworking shop im an apprentice and our jig is the exact same to route our rails on the shaper we have. wish i could watch it all

  6. TomH127 says:

    Hitachi M12VC. Base fits my router table and is also the handheld – 2 routers in 1!

  7. steveho75 says:


    Which brand of router you are using on your router table?


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