Is it okay to install a tall pantry cabinet right next to the stove?
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Is it okay to install a tall pantry cabinet right next to the stove?

We are remodeling our kitchen, and wanted to put a tall pantry cabinet right next to the stove instead of the small base cabinet that is usually there. Will the heat from the stove cause it to warp or catch on fire, since it is so close to the burner flame? Also can put the backsplash on the cabinet to make it blend with the rest of the kitchen? Thanks for the help!!

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    1. me says:

      When designing a kitchen it’s best to have space on both sides of the stove and sink and at least one side of the refrigerator. If you submit sizes I’ll be happy to lay out a plan for you.

      Also with today’s cabinets you can incorporate pullouts consider a 1/2 width pantry on a pull out and a pull out base cabinet next to it.


      The best place for a pantry is the far side of the fridge. This allows you to do an pantry deeper then standard and gives the fridge a built in look.

    2. Pckitty says:

      I wouldn’t personally put a pantry near the stove, even though it is convenient, there is always a chance for it to catch fire because of the burners unless you are really careful! It would definitely cause grease, oil, food to get on it because certain foods tend to splatter or other things when fried or cooked! If you do put it next to the stove, wipe it off at least every other day especially the side next to the stove!

    3. Ben Dover says:

      Depending on where you live there may be building code sections that require you to maintain certain distances from your stove (assuming that it is a gas stove based on you saying burner flame). It is a very inadvisable idea even if there is no code preventing it. It would be a constant nuisance to keep clean and the surface almost certainly would be damaged, not to mention become a fire hazard.

    4. Tepee says:

      Yes you would have to be very cautious about the heat from cooking plus you would always be cleaning the side of the pantry due to the moisture and grease from cooking next to it. I understand your desire to have the pantry next to your stove but I think you would regret that decision very quickly.

    5. Glenn says:

      simply put ,you should have 3 inches or more from the edge of the stove because the heat will travel around a large pot and burn the cabinet. Maybe a smaller pantry and a 3 inch base filler would work.

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