In what order do you remodel a house?
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In what order do you remodel a house?

I want to redo my kitchen and some other cabinets, paint and do floors, what order should i do this. I know i should paint before floors in case it drips, but how about the kitchen if i paint first and remodel, walls behind cabinets wont be painted. Any suggestions?

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    1. spiritgide41 says:

      When we do remodels like this, we usually have a stripped room (no cabs). All rough plumbing, wiring and duct changes and rock work are done first.

      We do the ceiling texture, then paint the walls. Depending on the type of flooring it may be done next, before cabinets- this is the usual. Then the cabinets and tops install, and in the final steps we touch up any marks to paint that occured during installation of those items.

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    2. handerande says:

      You can paint before or after the cabinets are installed. But if you paint before old cabinets are removed, you may have to touch up paint job. You could even do the floors first. just cover and protect them. Walls behind cabinets don’t have to be repainted, unless you are going to move them. If it was my project; remove old cabs, repaint, do floor, install new cabs. good luck.

    3. FixerUpper says:

      I recommend the exact order as your first answer… having said that, I did my whole house (gutted then re-built inside) and the only glitch I had was getting my wife to pick the paint colours. I had some picked out and an idea of what I wanted but WHAT WAS I THINKING! MY HOUSE?; HA!… make sure you (or your wife/significant other) pick your colours and get them on quick, so as not to hold up production… :)

    4. Artem P says:

      Start from basics. Decide the positions of all parts: electricity, water, exhaust fan etc. Redo all cabling and piping first! Clever way! then paint the overheds, then walls, then floors. Now, you are ready to install cabinets, ovens, cranes…. Best way, I believe

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