In a kitchen remodel, where do you start? Paint first? Do flooring last?Appliances in last? What order? Help!?
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In a kitchen remodel, where do you start? Paint first? Do flooring last?Appliances in last? What order? Help!?

My husband thinks we can remodel our kitchen without a divorce, but we don’t know where to begin. Is there a certain order to make it easier? We think the lighting installations must be first, then painting, but any help will be appreciated. We are not replacing cabinets, or sink, but are doing new flooring, lighting, and all the appliances.

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  1. Paint definitely first, then all the units, then the appliances and then lastly the flooring!

  2. clowmy says:

    First you need to work together as a team(with out fighting) your right about doing the lighting installations first and then painting.Next doing the flooring,this should be done before the new appliances…Remember,the key to success,work together as a team and everything will go find….

  3. fjgc73 says:

    I do that in Mexico, the right or best way to do it is to go from the roof to the floor. I mean first , paint the ceiling, then change the lights, then the cabinets, then the kitchen?counter tops (granite, wood, etc) then the flooring (because you have to wait a day at least so the adhesives will dry) and at the end covering everything with plastic, paint the walls, if you instead of painting will have tiles, do it before the cabinet work. And anyway you should have a blueprint of everything in your kitchen,

  4. EmM says:

    Civil work (masonary) first.

    If you want concealed wiring then when your flooring is broken down the electrician will run the wires from the floor to all the points that you want. The mason has to first break the old flooring and the wall plaster down for the electrician to do this job. Also, the plumber will ren his concealed pipes up the walls at this time.

    After the mason finishes the tiling and flooring the plumber will fit the external fittings.

    If you wish to make anything new measurerments for the same (cabinets etc) will be taken by the carpenter after all this is done.

    Lastly get your painting done. the electrical and wooden fittings are always put up after the painting job so that the walls behind the fittings are also painted.

  5. drutazo says:

    Ok firsly do any of the appliances need extra work doing on them ie, will you have to drill extra holes or knock down walls. If that is the case I would say leave the painting to last. I would do it in this order, ceiling first (you don’t want ceiling mess getting on your new floor) then work out if the new floor or new appliances are going to make big holes in your walls first, it not then I would do the walls next, then I would do the floor and then lastly I would put the applainces in (if adding them is not going to mess your walls up) but as I don’t have your plans to view this is just an optain. I would go in the order of that causes the most mess first or what is the most hardest to do.

    Other than that I would get the help of a good lawyer.

  6. andrephoenix says:

    Yeah first go with walls(*),wiring/light fixures, floor, then painting, cover the walls with plastic from Home Depot in required areas. Next do cabinets and trimming (baseboards and last appliances and make sure you use sliders to protect your floor and you might have to take apart certain appliances to protect from scratching. There you should have a finished product.

  7. Harsha C says:

    What would you and your partner rather do first? My best guess is to do the lighting first. then the painting because your gonna have to have something down on the floor so no paint gets on it to mess it up. then the floor and last appliances. if you do the floor before the painting then your gonna hav to wait on the floor to be done before painting. painting takes a few days for the stink to get out of the house or wherever you live. hope this helps.

  8. druid says:

    You say you are doing lighting…do you mean just replacing existing fixtures with new ones in the same location, or are you doing work that will require running new electrical wiring, as in, you have to tear out the walls? If so, that would come first. And anyway, even if you are just replacing fixtures, I would do that first so you don’t damage the new floor with falling plaster, etc. Then the floor next, since you have to remove the appliances to do that. Last , the new appliances, but be careful of the new floor!

  9. Raiz says:

    Do the flooring first, then paint, and appliances in last.

  10. HuggyBear says:

    Buy Christopher Lowell’s book "Seven Layers of Design". I would definitely suggest putting the appliances in last as you will need those floor spaces open to paint and do the flooring.

  11. SJsM0STWANTED says:

    paint …. floor … lighting … appliances

  12. michael m says:

    construction, than paint thenlighting and do the floor at the very last

  13. rachellynn200 says:

    My mom just redid her whole kitchen.She did the new sheet rock and painting first.Then the new floor,appliances and lighting last.

  14. mykrazytees says:


  15. goldwing110083 says:

    Remove all appliances. Install floor, including under diswasher and refrig areas. Make sure all new appliances will work fine with old plugs, gas lines, etc. If not, change what must be changed. Finish floor, cover floor and cabinets, then paint. Install new appliances and you are finished…Shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days for the whole job. Good luck

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