I need an example of a contract for a kitchen remodeling. Can you provide one for me?
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I need an example of a contract for a kitchen remodeling. Can you provide one for me?

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    1. girlwright says:

      Contact one of your local NKBA members and they can provide one for you. You should always use a Certified Kitchen Designer they have access to all information like this. Go to http://www.NKBA.com. Can I ask why you need one? And if your kitchen supplier does not have one that should present a query should it not?

    2. PGBISME says:

      I have found that our local Lowes and Home Depot are great with helping in remodeling, they
      are very willing to help you and have wonderful products for your kitchen. You may either do it yourself, or have them actually build on their computer system a new kitchen from top to bottom.
      I have been very please with their quality or products and great service.

    3. fixitall123 says:

      the things to look for are. Are they or you going to get a permit. If you don’t have to, that’s good.
      Whom will take the old cabinets out. Will they have to hire a plumber to remove the sink and put a new one back in. some installers will not touch plumbing. There are a lot of options in cabinets now. take your time. Are you going to move anything, like the lighting, added lighting should be done before cabinets go in, just in case you have to patch walls. If your doing a different lay out, the flooring may have to be replaced or extended, depending on what kind you have. Will the general contractor handle all the sub contractors. Check references on all contractors that will be in your house. are any of them bonded. are they insured. get a copy of that insurance before you sign. if your in a million dollar house and he only has a 300,000 policy and the place burn’s down, well you see my point. I have done remodeling for 20 years, I do all the work unless i have to get a permit. Permits can be good and they can be bad. check with the local town hall. if a permit is required it can take up to 3 weeks to get one. check this out first. Let me know if i can be of any other assistance

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