How to remove smell from kitchen cabinets?
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How to remove smell from kitchen cabinets?

I moved to my new house 3 weeks ago. I have done everything to clean the horrible smell the kitchen cabinets have. You open them and the stink is in the air. Used clorox, antibacterial, lysol, dish detergent, baking soda what else can I do?
Also all the bathroom drawers have the same smell. My niece says it smells like they used the cabinets as the cat litters!!!

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  1. Timoth J Peckstone says:

    Its amazing how many people write things lik e”put a bowl of vinegar in”

    The problem is bateria in your cabinets. I am willing to bet they are made of particleboard. Kitchens are very damp places. Cooking oils and humidity are always present in a kitchen. Over time the wood itself soaks all that up. Particle board is the worst – its basically a sponge. After a few decades it will reek thru and thru.

    The answer is new cabinets. Sorry but thats the only way to totally cure the problem. The cheap solution is to try and seal all surfaces with shellac or a “Kilz” type product. I prefer Shellac because its food safe and Shellac is actually the best thing to seal any wood in my opinion. It will form a barrier.

    You have to be very thorough, cover all the interior surfaces. up, down, door backs …. evertthing. This could easily take a week. Plus you’ll have to do a few coats. So … either you seal the oldies and hope it works or knock them out and put new cabs in. Cabinets do not last forever. I am facing the same thing right now in my new house. The old cabinets have to go. At some point you have to realize spraying perfume on a turd out putting a bowl of vinegar beside it ….. well perhaps you should remove the turd.

  2. soopersuperdooper says:

    Try Nature’s Miracle, sold at Petsmart or Petco for elimination of animal odors……..spray it into the cabinets and wipe down a few times. mb helpful.

  3. daljack says:

    Try putting bowls of vinegar in there and closing for doors overnight. Also charcoal absorbs odors.

  4. broken_halo000 says:

    Try crumpling up a LOT of newspaper and putting it in the cabinets, close the doors and let it stay overnight. The papers are supposed to absorb odors. I tried this with some Tupperware that I got off of Ebay and it worked like a charm. Good luck!

  5. Nicky says:

    New house, new cabinets Is it that stomach turning veneer smell? If it is, nothing but time will get rid of it, sorry. Sucks.

  6. Chander K says:

    1 clean with luke warm lemon water
    2 eat at restaurants
    3 ask others to cook

  7. coorissee says:

    Wipe down with clear vinegar. Then set a small, open container of vinegar in every smelly cabinet and keep re-filling the containers until the odor disappears. Lastly, line your clean and dry shelves with shelf paper. This should do the trick. You can also leave the doors open and allow it to air out. Sometimes when a house has been closed for a while, it can develop the most skanky odors! Good luck!

  8. oldguy says:

    are the cabinets wood or particle board? are they wall cabinets or under the counter? whatever is causing the smell might have soaked into the wood. you might have to reseal the wood with urethane, not paint unless its an oil based paint because latex paints will allow whatever to leach out. under the counter cabinets will most likely have mold or mildew and water damage.

  9. Linda G says:

    VINEGAR I do crime scene cleaning. Leave a small wash cloth barely damp with vinegar on them in the cabinets over night if that doesn’t remove the odor paint them with KILZ ask your local home depot. Or replace them.

  10. shan says:

    Use BOOP.
    It is insect killer with a very sweet perfume.
    It is easily available on all big stores.

  11. Sunny says:

    What type of Cabinets are they?? Usually if they are old they would smell, also the humidity of the particle board or the wood would make the whole place smell…

    I moved into a place with the same problem, my husband is a carpenter and he know right a way…. (we had to change them)

    You can reduce the smell by placing the odor eaters…. or some scented disks in there… hope that helps.

  12. torskie says:

    If you can;t remove the smell, cover it. Paint or varnish. Check with the hardware store for the kind that is used in houses that have had a fire and smoke damage.

  13. richard t says:

    man thats a tough one, my last house was like that too, i wound up having to paint the inside of my cabinets with kilns (a thick paint you can buy at home depot) theres a kind that kills mold and bacteria look for that. i could still smell it even after the first coat drued it took two coats, discusting to think that some folks are that dirty that there kitchen stench would linger around long after there gone.

  14. Nikki says:

    Power washing? Bleach? New Cabinets?

  15. ear help! says:

    Try Febreze. Not sure if it will help, but if the commercials are to be believed, they not only mask odours, they eliminate!

  16. o0oio0o says:

    put an open box of baking soda in each cabinet.. baking soda kills odors.

    an apartment i moved into had a freezer that smelled like fish, baking soda fixed the problem in just a week, the smell got weaker every day.

  17. says:

    try burn cookies

  18. BlueDog says:


  19. dac f says:


  20. Venusp says:

    Is it a new cabinet smell from the materials used or is it from something that was once stored in them? Either way, try this:
    vinegar with a bit of water or one of the products they have to get rid of pet smells (Simple Solution is a good bet because it has a sweet almond smell). It may take some time but I bet the smell will eventually go away. Good Luck :)

  21. mackiforyouwedo says:

    there is a product call awesome orange and it cuts through any smell, hope you don’t mind the smell of oranges,

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