How to clean Melamine Kitchen cabinets Greasy Doors?
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How to clean Melamine Kitchen cabinets Greasy Doors?

We have just got new kitchen cabinets installed, after just two months
no meter how you clean them, you can see the ugly streak,
any one have the same problem? what’s the solution to the problem so
kitchen look like new again.

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    1. Kirk says:

      in order for you to get ‘grease streak’ you had to use harsh soap; and washed it after cook oil splattered or it got on;

      you took the shine out by using the detergent you used .. its damaged.. it can’t;

      but you can make entire surface dull by doing the same thing to all over..
      and order to remove grease streak its oxidized oil.. so you need solvent of type .. then use dish washing liquid of sort to clean the solvent ..

      you can in theory contact the factory and complain.. and get new cabinet..

    2. Rottie Mom says:

      You can use something like Pine-Sol, 409, etc. Keep washing until the streak is removed. I’ve had melamine cabinets for a long time, never had a problem keeping them looking clean.

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