how do you get the smell out of kitchen cabinets?
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how do you get the smell out of kitchen cabinets?

we have bought an older house and the kitchen cabinets smell. if i don’t rinse my dishes off the food has a taste like the smell. i have tried to wash them with soap and water, water and vinegar and just plain water with no help. any suggestions will be welcomed.

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  1. m says:

    I have a similar issue…we moved into a place with an older kitchen…the pantry has an awful smell. It is a plastic lined cupboard. I’ve tried washing it with soap, vinegar, lemon juice, leaving baking soda and a bowl of vinegar inside, airing it out for weeks…when freshly washed it smells better but the smell always returns. It’s very strong and smells kind of sweet but not in a good way. I don’t have the budget to rip out that cabinet and really need the storage space. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. seven242003 says:

    wipe them down with some murphys wood cleaner

  3. housefather_aug2007 says:

    Hi there. Try using charcoal and place it in the cabinet to get rid of the smell. You may want to wrap it with paper or cloth so it doesn’t stain your utensils and cabinet. Alternatively, go and buy from Japanese shops. Charcoals are good at absorbing foul smell.
    Secondly, try to determine the origin of the smell. if it is due to the moist, i would suggest to create a air flow through your kitchen. And if it due to some stains, try to get a proper cleaner with deodoriser function. I would think a natural ingredients cleaner will be better cause it wouldn’t be pass on to your utensils or or items. If you need more information, feel free to email me.
    Thanks for allowing me to share.
    "Ask and you shall receive… answers"

  4. artiststree says:

    Well it really depends on what it smells like ie; garlic, grease, something dead etc. and also where the smell is emanating from. Are the inside of the cabinets painted?

    If the cabinets have paint then I would get some painters caulking and close up any gaps and spaces where the cabinets come together, then I would apply a coat of Kilz primer to the surface and then follow up with a coat of fresh paint.

    If the cabinets are all wood then I would apply a stripper to the surface and steel wool them follow up with a sealer and stain. Or after the stripper you can follow with the Kilz and paint.

    That should take care of any odor unless it is coming out of the wall from something dead. It’s really hard to tell without me being there.

  5. roeskats says:

    Place a plastic container filled with white vinegar, let sit overnight,
    vinegar should absorb the smell.

  6. Arch says:

    Put some coffee in a glass and leave it in the cupboard for a few days – this does work.

    Or if you dont like the smell of coffee then you can use lemon juice to clean the surface and that will work too.

    Good luck – Arch….

  7. BeatlesGirl says:

    clean the cabinets out with a water and vineger soloution, then put a plate of baking soda in the cabinets for a day or so, keep doing that until the smell goes, the baking soda usually absorbs odors, you might also try making a soloution of baking soda and water and washing the insides of the cabinets with that.

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