Can I use a glaze to lighten dark stained pine kitchen cabinets?
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Can I use a glaze to lighten dark stained pine kitchen cabinets?

The cabinets are 30 years old, but are in pretty good conditiion. I think they need something to "rev" them up. I don’t want to just paint them out, as I like the wood look, but they darken the kitchen severely. Any suggestions?

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    1. pleasantvalleycabins says:

      Although I’ve never done it myself, I’ve seen the home improvement shows sand the cabinets, not all the way to the bare wood but lightly sand to give it tooth, then brush on gel stains.
      I think there are also products called glazes although they may work better on painted surfaces, not sure.
      The gel stains come in all colors, I’m not sure how much they’ll lighten it up, but most of the time, anything thing clean and new brightens up a space.
      I’d personally go for a red or green gel stain and not try to brighten with another wood tone.
      Good Luck.

    2. reifrj says:

      You can, but there is a product on the market that can lighten the wood by bleaching it. It is VERY toxic and can burn severely…so use caution when using it. It really does work quite well. It is an actual bleach made specifically for woods. Most all paint stores have it. I know that "Menard’s" has it in their paint department.I am with you, I do not like just painting over wood cabinets just because you are tired of the color or it is to dark! Try bleaching them…you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!! (Glazing only high-lights the wood…almost like white washing your cabinets)

    3. saaanen says:

      The bleaching answer is correct, but are the cupboards shellacked or varnished? Bleaching won’t work on protected wood. They will have to be stripped of their finish.

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