Best cleaning product for new wood kitchen cabinets?
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Best cleaning product for new wood kitchen cabinets?

What should I use to clean/polish my new wood kitchen cabinets to keep them looking nice? Pledge? Murphy’s Oil? Something better? How often should I clean them?

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    1. Boggy says:

      I use Soapy Wood Cleaner on mine (definitely not once a week though – get a life).

    2. Replace says:

      Clean weekly (a dream, I know) with oil soap.
      Treat with Scotts Liquid Gold every month or so.

    3. versantly says:

      follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

    4. taz says:

      If you use Pledge or Murphy’s Oil it could result in build-up on your new kitchen cabinets. The best products are typically those made by cabinet manufacturers. We just built a house and I asked our kitchen designer which product to use and she recommended Cabinet Magic. It’s in a spray bottle and they sell it at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I really love it. It cleans my cabinets and they shine without leaving any build-up. Here’s a link to the product where you can buy it on-line:

      (I have no affliation with that website, just googled it and came up with a site selling that particular product.)

      Good luck! I hope your cabinets look great!

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